For simple and inexpensive control of a proportional valve, Wandfluh, based in Frutigen, Switzerland, has developed the PD3 digital amplifier electronics unit. The device can mount directly on a solenoid coil or connect to a standard solenoid coil with a cable.

The product has a standardized IO-Link interface. It permits digital communication, transmitting operating parameters, diagnostic data and commands to the valve control. With the IO-Link interface, the PD3 capable of handling IoT and Industry 4.0 functions.
If the design engineer prefers, valve control can be through an analog voltage or current signal, or via a digital frequency or PWM signal. The PD3 electronics is IP67-protected and has LEDs which indicate the status of the functional elements of the control.
Complementing the IO-Link option, the company’s widely used PASO software is also available for parameterization and diagnostics with the PD3. PASO engages the device via a wireless Bluetooth connection.
This intuitive Windows-based software and its graphical user interface make the entire signal flow clearly visible to operators and technicians. According to company officials, this lets users quickly parameterize the controls and set up diagnostic functions.
In addition, an oscilloscope option is available with which control signals can be selected and characteristics recorded synchronously. Finally, a new Wandfluh app is available that can also parameterize and provide diagnostic capabilities with the PD3.

Control electronics for proportional valves
Time: 2019-10-30
Author:By Ken Korane
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